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Meet Marlaena

I offer both in-person and virtual private pay counseling.

In my experience, the source of most problems is relational pain; the ways it presents (symptoms) vary. This is why I have developed an approach that prioritizes relationship with self and with others. I work extensively with my clients to explore Beliefs, Values, and Needs -- with Clarity, Integration, and Authenticity being the desired outcome. From this space, taking Aligned Action makes it possible to create a life of true meaning and purpose that you can genuinely enjoy. This is what I mean by Next-Level-Life!  

I view our work together as a unique opportunity for you and I to develop a professional, collaborative relationship based on trust and openness, through which powerful healing, growth, and positive change can occur. Casual and conversational is my style, simply because it feels most authentic to me -- rather than stuffy, formal, overly clinical.

I am not everyone's cup of therapy tea, but if my style and approach resonate with you, let's get started!

I look forward to working with you and discovering together what your Next-Level-Life can be!

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